How Do I Hook Up... my computer? my receiver? my speakers? my...?

A Website with a Challenge was created to fill a void. A void created by the advent of new and more affordable technology. Home theatre, in particular. If you've ever worked in audio/video sales, you'll know just how many questions a customer might have on buying a TV, surround sound, or complete home theater system (gasp!). That's why I've ventured to create this website. Any consumer should be able to load up and figure out just that - how to hook up their stuff!

An Idea in Passing

After working at a major electronics retailer a few years ago, I thought up the idea of - an easy to use resource for anyone and everyone with internet access. As of December 18th, 2007, the site finally came online.

Through the use of detailed How-To articles, helpful pictures & diagrams, a glossary of terms well-explained, and the use of a web forum open to all visitors, I hope to provide a truly valuable service to anyone new to the home theatre market.

As an avid home theatre user myself, I know how enjoyable a surround sound setup with a high definition TV really can be. But it won't if you don't set it up correctly or configure it to make full use of its potential, and that's disappointing. What's even more disappointing is that most people have no idea that their hardware is underperforming!

I'm open to any comments or criticisms you may have regarding the website or hooking something up. Use the Contact link above to drop a note.

You'll sometime notice the use of "we" on the site. That's because I do tend to get help from friends in writing articles or adding new content. In the future, I hope to have a team at my side to continually update and support the website. Until then, almost everything you see here is done 100% by myself.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something of value here.


Didn't understand some of the terms used above?
Check our our Home Theater Glossary to lookup some of the words you haven't seen before or don't fully understand. Its a great way to familiarize yourself with home theater connections and will help you make better buying and configuring decisions.
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