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Don't worry, there's alternatives. Use websites like PriceGrabber for finding the best deals on the equipment you need. Personally, I use MonoPrice for my cable needs more than anything else. Its a fantastic site with the best prices and fastest shipping.

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Getting Service When Fists Fail (don't hit your TV!)

If your TV, receiver, computer, or whatever isn't working properly, you've got three choices: return it, if its within your return period from where you bought it; get it serviced by contacting the manufacturer for local service centers; or replace it. Sometimes, it really is more cost effective to replace it. Repairing today's technology is costly. Even if its fixed, you have no real idea of how long it will stay fixed. Hopefully, you're still covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

As for retailer extended warranty plans, we advise against it. Especially for TVs and home theater equipment. Most manufacturers provide 1, 3, or 5 year limited warranties covering defects. The things that would go wrong with your TV probably aren't covered by retailer warrantys anyway! Surprising? Do some researching on whether or not to buy extended service plans. Just be sure to grab a fresh box of tissues first.

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All else fails, search!

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