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Last Update: December 5th, 2009

Check out our article on How to Hook up Vonage Digital Phone Service!

You may have heard that Vonage offers a $24.99 unlimited plan that includes free calling to sixty countries!

Read on to figure out how to hook it up whether you just got Vonage or are thinking about signing up!

September 29th, 2009
Vonage Phone Service

We've recently updated the Vonage How-To section.

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Connecting your home theater properly is the only way to get the best surround sound experience. can get your receiver, speakers, and more connected correctly.
Learn to hook up your entire home theatre, from your TV and surround sound to your DVD player and receiver. We'll even show you how to connect your speaker wire!

How Do I Hook Up...

A common question among electronics buyers these days. How do I hook up my surround sound? My TV? My Xbox? That's where we come in. The idea of How To Hook It Up is simple: One centralized location that has the basic information to get you going. Straight to the point. Yet it also has the advanced technical knowledge to make you an expert on the subject if that's what you're interested in.

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Feel free to browse around this website. Check out our How To's section for simple guides on hooking up your 'stuff. Stop by the Glossary for a complete list of terms with easy to understand definitions. When all else fails, visit our Forums and plead for help. An answer is sure to follow!

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- The Glossary defines many common home theater & electronics terms

- How-To Hub is the central area for finding ALL of our How-To articles in one place

- Receivers is where I usually recommend a user starts out if you're new to home theater. The receivers article really goes in depth and is a great, all around How-To for hooking up your home theater. Give it a read!

- The Nintendo Wii How-To is a great place to figure out how to connect your Wii to your TV and surround sound!

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